[ReShare Service Shutdown Notice]
On July 31, 2017 we ended our ReShare service.
We still greatly appreciate your continued interest for writing jobs here at Conyac.

Use your language skills and ReShare global news in your spare time to earn some extra money!

Introduce global news and hot topics in your own language.
Help broaden global news to your region, Let’s ReShare!

Many people are now waiting for your ReShare. ReShare helps spread new ideas to all sorts of people.

ReShare! Powered by Conyac

ReShare is a service that makes internet news articles available in a shorter format and in different languages.

The ReShares that you create will frequently be shown on the Conyac Times and ReShare apps.

Three Features of ReShare

Improve Your Skills

ReSharing a long article briefly in different languages will improve your translation and language skills. Also, when you ReShare an article, you will get rewards while learning at the same time.

Enjoy Your ReShare

ReShare articles you enjoyed with others. Conveying the news in a different language allows you to share your interests with a wide range of people.


More rewards will be given out to popular posts with both good content.
Rewards will be given regardless of the date the article was posted. For example, if a ReShare article you created two months ago becomes popular this month, you will receive rewards for this month as well.


“How are rewards earned?”
ReShare creators will be ranked every month based on the popularity of their articles. Depending on your rank you will receive more rewards.When you reach a set number of rewards you may exchange your rewards for money (through PayPal).
“What kind of articles can I choose?”
There are no specific categories. Please read the site policy for this campaign and start ReSharing.
“Is there a specific language to translate to?”
There are no specifications for the language that you choose to translate to. Just simply choose a language pair like how you normally do to translate on Conyac.
“What is the maximum amount of characters that I can use?”
For ReShares being translated to Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, the maximum number is 240 characters. For any other language, the maximum number is 720 characters.