Luna (lunalucialim)

10年以上前 女性
韓国語 (ネイティブ) 英語

―Los Angeles-based Korean-English translator.

―Native Korean, speaks English with native fluency.

―Superb working under a serious time crunch. Can work FAST, and edit mercilessly. Can work without being coached on every little thing.

―Have commuted two hours back and forth to translate on-camera for a small indie film, worked for Korean professors looking to publish in America, tackled a self-help book project in under a week, proofread and translated legal contracts, voice-recorded for a client, and done research to track down a client’s heritage.

―Have translated documents in the law, business, finance, science, and technology sectors among others. Can cover a variety of topics.

―Upon completion of a project, ALL and ANY edit is provided for free unless it's a complete re-do.


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