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Hi, I'm premiumdotz!

I am a graduate of Teacher Education (major in biological science) from the sole Japanese-language tertiary institution in the Philippines, Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku.

I have been working as a Japanese-English translator for about five years even when I was still studying the language. I was hired as a translator/proofreader for two companies namely, Creative Connections and Common Inc. and World Intelligence Partners Philippines.

At present, I am working as a Japanese linguist to a few companies providing translation services to U.S. citizens currently receiving medical treatment in Japan.

Looking forward to work with you,


Language Pair Area of Specialty Experience Description Example Translations
Japanese → English Travel 1 year Handled translation of travel blogs in a number of market requests here in Conyac
Japanese → English Medical 2 years Translation of medical documents (medical report, lab results, prior informed consent, medical receipts, etc.) for U.S. citizens currently receiving medical treatment in Japan
Japanese → English Website 3 years Handled translation projects concerning tourism websites and blogs
Japanese → English Manuals 3 years While working for WIP, I handled instruction manual translations for automotive companies
Japanese → English Contracts 2 years Handled translation projects concerning Non-disclosure Agreements, business and sales contracts among others
Japanese → English Advertising 1 year
Japanese → English Gaming 2 years Handled translations of customer complaints and responses for gaming companies
Japanese → English Product Descriptions 1 year Handled translations of products listed in eBay and Amazon as well as company product introductions

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Starter English ≫ Japanese 4  / 1 0  / 0 4  / 818

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