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Hello! I'm Italian and I work with languages, as a translator, proofreader, and certified teacher. I studied English and Japanese at university and then moved to Osaka where I lived for one year. I'm now back in Italy, living in beautiful Tuscany. I have been working as a certified teacher of Italian to foreigners as a second language (which is my primary occupation) and at the same time as a translator (Jap-Ita, Eng-Ita, Jap-eng, etc) of fashion, import/export, video games, and tourism for a total of 9 years now. I enjoy traveling, hiking, cooking (and eating), and caring for our planet. I really hope I get the chance to work with you!
Salve, sono italiana e lavoro con le lingue come traduttrice, correttrice di bozze e insegnante certificata. Ho studiato inglese e giapponese fino all'università (La Sapienza, Roma), per poi fare l'esperienza di un anno a Osaka da studentessa lavoratrice. Attualmente vivo in Toscana e lavoro sia come insegnante di italiano per stranieri come lingua straniera (la mia occupazione principale) e sia come traduttrice JP>IT, JP>EN, EN>IT, ecc, nel campo della moda, dell'import-export, dei videogiochi e del turismo da ormai 9 anni. I miei hobby sono: viaggiare, fare trekking, salvaguardare l'ambiente e cucinare (e mangiare). Spero di avere l'occasione e il piacere di lavorare insieme!


Language Pair Area of Specialty Experience Description Example Translations
English → Italian Travel 4 years Tourism websites, pamphlets and brochures translation and proof-reading.
English → Italian Gaming 2 years Video game apps localization and LQA (iOS, Android).
Italian → English Travel 4 years Tourism websites, pamphlets and brochures translation and proof-reading.
Italian → Japanese Export Industry 3 years イタリアブランドの靴・鞄・衣類を輸入する、日本の輸入会社に2013年から務めています。
Japanese → English Food/Recipe/Menu 1 year 日本料理のレシピ・メニュー翻訳
Japanese → English Travel 4 years Airbnbページか、観光客向けのホームページやパンフレットなどの翻訳・校正
Japanese → English Website 3 years 輸入会社のホームページをはじめ、外国人向けの様々なサイトまでのローカライゼーション
Japanese → Italian Food/Recipe/Menu 1 year イタリアンレストランのメニュー翻訳
Japanese → Italian Travel 2 years Airbnbページか、観光客向けのホームページやパンフレットなどの翻訳・校正
Japanese → Italian fashion 3 years イタリアブランドの靴・鞄・衣類を輸入する、日本の輸入会社に2013年から務めています。
Japanese → Italian Website 3 years 輸入会社のホームページをはじめ、外国人向けの様々なサイトまでのローカライゼーション
Japanese → Italian Import Industry 3 years イタリアブランドの靴・鞄・衣類を輸入する、日本の輸入会社に2013年から務めています。

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