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Tencent to also Launch Credit Rating System

It is well-known that Alibaba’s finance arm have been working on an online credit rating system, based on users’ purchasing history and other online behavior. Tencent, which is now competing with Alibaba in numerous sectors, last week announced they would release a similar system at the company’s annual partner conference.

While Alibaba makes small loans to online retailers on its e-commerce marketplaces, Tencent doesn’t operate such a business. The credit reports generated through Alibaba’s Sesame system are expected to be largely used for Alibaba’s finance arm to make credit decisions, while Tencent’s will be sold to financial institutions.





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just checking, like poster, but has it got all that writing on it, as of course not clever enough to understand japanese, or is it your overlay, as I know alot of sellers put there marks over picture, to stop people copying them.
so is all the writing shown on the poster?
can you tell me if poster is shiny or dull, card or paper?
if all writing shown is on and can you tell me what it means.
Sorry to ask so many questions, but it is lot of money for me, but I do love ☆.

when they are under the name of gifts are there any customs charges. would it be possible to send me the figure under the name of gifts without lowering their value. I fear the customs charges, and i would be grateful if they were reduced.




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5. 117go

117go is a travel diary app supporting sharing of photos, locations, stories, among other things in a timeline. The app now registered more than 5 million of users. The company has received $1 million of Series A funding from RedPoint and millions of dollars in Series B financing from Alibaba. Tang Yibo, former exec of Ctrip, joined 117go as president in last September.

6. Breadtrip

Breadtrip an app that tracks the whole trip of a user and remembers all the photos, travel stories and locations the user uploads. The company just booked tens of millions of dollars in Series B financing led by CBC and followed by Vertex Venture, an existing investor who injected $2 million in Series A.


5. 117go

117go は写真、位置情報、体験などをタイムラインに沿って共有できる旅行日記アプリである。このアプリは既に500万人ものユーザーを獲得している。この会社はRedPointから100万米ドルをシリーズAの投資として受け取っており、さらにAlibabaから数万米ドルをシリーズBとして、増資している。昨年9月には、Ctripの前経営者Tang Yiboが、117goの代表取締役として着任した。

6. Breadtrip

Breadtripはユーザーの旅行をすべて追跡し、アップロードされた写真や体験、位置情報などを記録するアプリだ。この会社に対して、200万米ドルのシリーズA投資を行った既存の投資団体Vertex Ventureが、CBC主導で共に、1000万米ドルをシリーズBとして資金提供することを予定している。

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ToursForFun is just the latest acquisition in Ctrip’s recent spending spree. Last year alone, it also invested in or bought out travel search engine Kuxun, hotel app Economy Hotel Manager, social trip sharing platform Chanyouji, and car rental services Yongche and eHi Car Services.

In December, Ctrip also partnered with popular taxi-hailing app Didi Dache, which just received a $100 million investment last week.

As China’s rising middle class gradually becomes more affluent, overseas travel is a new possibility for more and more families. China’s online travel bookings are expected to double by 2015.

Ctrip’s biggest domestic competitors are Qunar and eLong.


Ctripによる最新の派手な買い物は、ToursForFunの買収劇であった。昨年だけでも、トラベルサーチエンジンのKuxun、Economy Hotel Managerというホテルアプリ、Chanyouji (ソーシャルトラベルプラットフォーム)、カーレンタルサービスのYongcheなどをを買収している。

昨年12月には、人気のタクシー配車アプリDidi Dacheと共同出資をしており、先週、1億米ドルを受け取ったばかりである。


Ctripにとって中国国内での最大の競争相手は、Qunar とeLongである。