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fish2514 52 現役社内翻訳者のOLです。

I recommend you manage product by SKU number and not by the lot number as the lot number will always change. For every new production that we start, we assign a new lot number. This is our way to ID each product and know from which production it came from.

We have an ongoing schedule with our factory so they are delivering product every month. Some months we are producing only dark blue and some months we are producing charcoal grey and that's why you will see dark blue is a different lot from charcoal grey and why charcoal grey has two different lot numbers.

Every time we start a new production, we update the lot number on the safety warning label.


ロット番号は常に変更されるため、SKU番号ではなくロット番号で製品を管理する事をお勧めします。 私達が始めた新しい生産体制毎に、新しいロット番号を割り当てます。 これは、各製品を識別し、それがどの生産体制から来たのかを知る為の方法です。



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