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今年の夏はまだ何も計画していません。ホームステイプログラムが終わり、とても良い出会いと思い出ができ、そしてホッとしているところです。お盆休みに少し遠出をして日常から離れる事が出来れば良いなぁ。kevin の今年の夏のプランは?


It's a nice day today after a few bad days. As I went to bed early last night, I went for a walk in the morning. I could take a photo of the beautiful sky.

I haven't planned anything for this summer. I have just finished our home stay program and met some wonderful people, made lots of memories and now I am relaxing. I hope we can go somewhere far from home during bon holiday and enjoy time away from our daily routines. What is your plan for this summer, Kevin?

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japan31 53 海外在住20年以上。日本の企業にてビジネスメール、プロダクトマニュアル、ス...
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