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Inspection and Rejection of Products
14.1 The Distributor shall have the right to inspect all Products purchased under this Agreement to insure compliance with the Product type and quantities ordered and packaging specifications set forth in the relevant purchase order before handover of the Products. All written notices of rejection of shipments based on the Manufacturer's failure to comply with the purchase order terms concerning Product type, quantities ordered and packaging specifications shall be made by the Distributor and received by the Manufacturer within 2 working days


14.1 販売元は、製品を出荷する前、あらかじめ注文された製品の型、量、仕様に沿って製造なされているかどうか、全製品を点検する権利がある。万一製造元が注文された製品の型、量、仕様に沿っていない場合、配送拒否の文書は販売元によって書かれ、製造元に2日以内(週末を含まず)に製造元に渡されるものとする。

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