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We would love for someone to offer the Sonic Bomb in Japan. Here in the US we sell over 100,000 units a year. Typically or past partners in Japan only focus on the sbp100. This may be due to the certifications needed to sell a product with a US plug.

Please advise how you would offer the product. How many of which products you would like to commit to purchasing.

Please tell me a little about your company as well. How long in business? URL to your website. What products do you sell and where do you sell them, online, in stores, at trade shows....


Sonic Bomb を日本で販売してくれる人を探しています。こちらアメリカでは、年に10万個以上が売れています。通常、そして今までの日本の共同販売者は、sbp100 だけに重点をおいていました。これはおそらくアメリカのプラグがついているものを販売する時に必要な証明書の関係かと思われます。



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