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Please fill the form out and send it back to me and once we receive the completed form and your first order we will create your account and you will be able to follow your orders, see your invoices, place orders online, see our new products and promotions. I am sending you the price list for International customers with all our products, in the meantime you should be able to visit our website ○○.com and see all our products, and a few things about our company. Our factory is in India but we ship from the US from Calhoun, GA, We do have a minimum opening order. The first order has to be paid with a WIRE TRANSFER and we ship all orders direct to your freight forward here in the US.

Interior Design opening order :



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Additional info: 海外メーカーの代理店となるための交渉をしています。先方から”new customer registration form" が届きました。 その際に送られてきた英文です。