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*You have reached your limit for setting sub category.
*Sync fail
*An error has occurred while trying to sync data. Please try again later.
*An error has ocuured while trying to restore subscription/purchased options.
*Internet is not connected or can not connect to Google Play.
*Restore Subscription/Purchased Items
*Automatically backup the xxx data as long as you are connected online and also share across multiple devices.
*Calculator is premium function
*Calculator can be enabled in several ways
*See Detail
*Premium feature:
*Small calculator on top screen will help you calculate your expense wuth ease
*With Premium Upgrade, all of premium feature will be enabled. For detail about Premium Upgrade, Please click here.

Chinese (Traditional)

*無法連上網路或無法連上Google Play。
*在您連接網路時自動備份 xxx,並可於多個裝置上同步使用。

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soft 61 Born and raised in Taiwan, I am from ...
soft rated this translation result as ★★★ 04 Feb 2015 at 13:42

*See Detail 查看細節

Premium feature: 付費功能 or 高級帳戶功能

holmes310524 holmes310524 05 Feb 2015 at 01:02

我居然漏翻了*See Detail。

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