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But trends show that e-money will grow much faster in the coming years. All of Indonesia’s e-money transactions in 2009 totaled IDR 1.4 billion ($122,000) per day. The following year it increased to IDR 1.9 billion ($165,000) per day. In 2011 the value rose to IDR 2.7 billion ($235,000) and last year it reached IDR 3.9 billion ($340,000) as seen in the graph above.

Up until May this year, 25.3 million e-money instruments (like BCA bank’s Flazz cards and Indomaret’s e-Toll cards) have been issued so far, surpassing last year’s tally of 21.9 million.



今年5月までに、BCA銀行のFlazzカードやIndomaretのe-Toll カードのような2530万ルピア相当のeマネーカードが発行された。これは去年の2190万を超える金額である。

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