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aquamarine 50 現状フルタイムで会社勤めをしておりますので、 空き時間での対応となります...

Please note that product is listed as "BookBundles", which should be categorized to A_GEN_MIXED with 8% VAT rate instead of 0%.

Amazon will use its Tax Engine logic (as used for Amazon Retail today) to identify the correct rate of VAT to apply to the sale according to the product. The selling products will categorized in a much detail manners to match the applicable VAT rate.

If you are enrolled in VAT Calculation Services, Amazon will not use any product tax codes you have provided for this calculation. Your product tax codes will continue to be used for supplies where you are liable to account for the VAT due.

Please consult with your tax advisor to discuss these changes further.


Amazonは独自の税金計算ロジック(Amazon Retailにて現在使われているもの)を利用して、当該品目の売上に対応する適正な付加価値税の税率を特定しています。販売されている製品は非常に詳細な手法によって分類され、適切な付加価値税を適用しています。

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