Terms of Service(Client) was revised on July 08, 2021. New Terms of Service is here.

Terms of Service (Client)

§1. Introduction
  1. This Terms of Service (hereinafter called "TOS") applies to all relationships between Conyac (hereinafter called "Service") that is provided by anydooR Inc. (hereinafter called "Company") and service users (hereinafter called "User") that Company administers.
  2. Company may amend this TOS without prior notice. In cases where this TOS is amended, the new TOS shall supersede this TOS, and Users shall be deemed to have agreed to the new TOS.
  3. The Service content may be changed, added, or deleted in the future without advanced notification.
§2. Definition of Terms
  1. In this TOS, "User" means the person who accessed this Service website (conyac.cc) and viewed or used this Service.
  2. In this TOS, "Accountholder" is a general term that refers to any corporation or individual that has created an account in order to make translation requests via this Service.
  3. In this TOS, "Translated results" means the outcome that is made by translator who translated the Accountholder's request.
  4. In this TOS, “Points” refers to a virtual currency that is used to pay for completed translations.
§3. Account Registration
  1. In order to use this Service, the User needs to register for an account.
  2. Account registration in the preceding clause is free.
  3. Accountholder has the responsibility to read and agree with this TOS and other rules the Company sets, and he/she has to follow the rules while using this Service.
  4. Following the rule of Article.1 Section.2, when this TOS or other rules are amended, the User has to abide to the amended TOS and any other changed rules while using this Service.
  5. When a User registers his/her account, the User has to follow the form of registration and has to enter the information truthfully and accurately.
  6. One individual User can hold only one account and he/she cannot register for more than one account.
  7. Accountholder cannot give or lend his/her account to a third party.
  8. It is the Accountholder's responsibility to manage his/her own account ID and Password. Fraudulent activities are all responsibility of the Accountholder even if a third party takes over the Accountholder’s account.
§4. Privacy, Personal Information
  1. To provide the Service, Company acquires minimum amount of information from the User. Company pays maximum attention to protecting privacy and personal information. About the details of Company's privacy and personal information policy, please refer to the Company's Privacy Policy.
  2. The Company has no concern with the responsibility of the personal information from third parties such as credit card information registered in PayPal in order to purchase Points since that responsibility is left up to PayPal (www.paypal.com).
§5. Withdrawal
  1. In cases where Company recognizes that the Accountholder falls under either one of the following cases, Company may stop usage of the Service, change the Accountholder's password and cancel the account without prior notice or consent to the Accountholder even if there are leftover Points.
    • If there are any fallaciousness with the information entered when an Accountholder registers an account.
    • Illegally using information and/or Translated results obtained from the Service.
    • Practicing any of the prohibited acts stipulated in Article.3 Section.3 to Article.3 Section.7.
    • User does not sign in for a period of 12 months after having registered for this Service.
    • Company judges that the Accountholder has a chance to damage the Company or a third party.
    • Violating this TOS or any other rules the Company sets.
    • The Accountholder is called in question as an antisocial activist or its involved party.
    • The Accountholder is linked to an antisocial organization or is a member of an antisocial organization.
  2. The Accountholder who lost their account may be denied access to use the Service again.
  3. Company holds no responsibility for the damage to the Accountholder in the preceding clause.
  4. In accordance with each of the items under Article.1, the appropriate Accountholder shall be held liable for any resulting damages to this Company.
§6. Fees
  1. All fees involved in this Service, such as payment from the Accountholder, compensation paid to the translators, and the commission our Company gains, are handled by PayPal payment service.
  2. For any contract between this Company and another entity, in the event that the monthly fee exceeds 50,000 yen, the payment shall be made via bank transfer with an accompanying written bill.
  3. When an Accountholder makes a translation request, the required Points, which are determined by this Company using predetermined methods, will be purchased in advance.
  4. The Accountholder will use their Points to pay for translation requests in accordance with the provisions regarding required Points, conversion rates, etc.
  5. With exception to the rare case when this Company enables the transfer of Points from one Accountholder to another within the same group, Points which are owned by an Accountholder may not be transferred to a third party under any condition.
  6. Under the group functionality, which was decided upon by this Company, it is possible for an Accountholder to transfer Points to another account or to jointly own Points with other account(s). In the event that an Accountholder transfers or jointly own Points in error, the Points will not be returned. This Company will not be held responsible if an Accountholder suffers any losses due to Points being transferred or jointly owned in error.
  7. This Company reserves the right to verify that the account used to make a translation request and the account used to purchase Points for that translation request are one and the same, and in the event of a discrepancy, this Company reserves the right to treat the Points as if they were used from the proper account.
  8. In the event of any of the following, this Company reserves the right to cancel some or all of the Points owned by an Accountholder, and this cancellation will be permanent. This Company will not be held responsible for any damages suffered by the Accountholder as a result of this cancellation.
    • A client violating a stipulation in the contract or violates one of the rules laid out by this Company
    • Points are credited due to a mistake by this Company
    • There is some sort of impropriety with the Accountholder
    • Any other situation where it is acceptable for this Company to cancel Points
  9. In the event that an Accountholder’s account is terminated, any remaining Points will be forfeited, and the Accountholder will lose all rights associated with holding those Points. This Company will not be held responsible for any damages suffered by the Accountholder as a result of this action.
§7. Points Expiration
  1. Points purchased by an Accountholder shall remain valid for six months from the purchase date. Points will be used in a “first in first out” manner, meaning the oldest Points will always be used first. If the valid usage period elapses without Points being used, then without any notice from this Company the said Points will be cancelled automatically. This Company will not be held responsible for any damages suffered by the Accountholder as a result of this cancellation.
  2. Leftover Points are carried over to the following month.
  3. Points and Monthly Plan purchases are final and Company does not provide refunds.
§8. About Request Cancellation
  1. Before a translator accepts a request, an Accountholder can cancel the mentioned request.
  2. Cancellation is not available after a translator accepts the request.
  3. In the case where an Accountholder uploads the wrong file, or enters the wrong text, or selected the wrong language, the Accountholder will not be able to cancel the request after a translator accepts that request.
§9. About Point Refund
  1. Points are refunded after the request has expired and when the Accountholder does not receive any Translation results.
  2. If the Accountholder could obtain Translation result(s), there is no refund even if the quality is extremely poor. (This excludes the situation of when the translation is a copy and paste result from machine translation.)
§10. Responsibility of User/Accountholder
  1. In order to use this Service, User needs access to the internet. User has the responsibility to prepare all the software, machines, and all other devices the User needs to connect to the Service. Company holds no responsibility for User's internet access environment nor his/her preparation and operation.
  2. Accountholder uses this Service with self-responsibility and has to judge the accuracy, integrity, usability, and legality of all the contents (information, data, documents, characters) including the text of Translation requests and Translated results.
  3. The Accountholder is responsible for ensuring that there are no copyright issues with materials submitted for translation, and for ensuring that the original author(s) of said materials has consented to the translation. It is unacceptable to request a translation that violates intellectual property rights. In the event that this Company identifies an issue with intellectual property rights, the Accountholder will no longer be allowed to use the Service, and along with the usage being halted, measures may be taken to seek restitution for any damages.
  4. Company holds no responsibility for any or all disputes between Accountholder and the owner of copyright material or other third party when Accountholder violates copyright laws. Accountholder has to resolve those disputes with his/her own costs and responsibility.
  5. The Accountholder should take necessary measures to keep personal information, business secrets, etc. out of documents submitted for translation. This includes using proxy information for proper nouns, numbers, etc. as well as other measures.
§11. Prohibitions
Company prohibits the following when using the Service.
  • Illegal activity, criminal activity, triggering and contributing to self-inflicting activities such as suicide.
  • Any action slandering other Users or churning up other Users with lubricious substances.
  • Any action damaging or likely damaging property, credit, honor or privacy of User or a third party.
  • Any action infringing or likely infringing rights such as intellectual property rights, portrait rights and publicity rights of User, a third party, and Company.
  • Spoofing, identity theft, or personal information theft.
  • Any action offending public order and morals.
  • Any action damaging the credit of Company or other corporation and an action aiming to advertise business or publicity.
  • Any action using this Service for commercial purposes.
  • Any action to send junk mails, spam mails, chain letters, Endless Money Chain, or other posting, disclosure, or offering of contents intended inducement.
  • Any action breaking or making a glitch in the Service or the hardware connected to the Service such as servers, network, or software.
  • Any action using or broadcasting harmful programs such as a computer virus through the Service.
  • Any action or expression promoting or concurring the antisocial activists or influences.
§12. Disclaimer, Non-Warranty
  1. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, usability, and legality of any or all of the contents (information, data, documents, character, etc.) such as translation requests or the Translated results that have been posted, broadcasted, or offered by Accountholders through this Service. Company will not be responsible for the damage to the Accountholder or a third party through these contents.
  2. Any content in a translation request including, but not limited to, information, data, text, letters, etc., may be disclosed to translators. When the Accountholder orders a translation with Conyac Light, all texts and translated results are disclosed publicly unless the Accountholder sets the request to private. This Company will not be held responsible for any damages suffered due to information leakage or any other issues resulting from this disclosure.
  3. Providing this Service, Company will indemnify Accountholder for the damage for up to the ceiling amount (depending on the language selection) corresponding to the Points the Accountholder directly lost when using this Service. Its indemnification is limited to the damage due to the default or illegal activity based on the Company's intent or gross negligence. In this case, Company does not take any responsibility for Accountholder's loss during the chance to use the Service, data breakage, interruption of the business even when the Company has been notified of the possibility of the damage.
§13. Rights of Utilization
  1. Except in cases where this Company, with the consent of the translator, makes a special decision on the translated documents obtained from this Service (except the original documents) are the property of the Accountholder for purposes of copyright, including rights contained in the Japanese Copyright Act Articles 27 and Article 28.
  2. It is acceptable for materials to be used for secondary uses such as dictionaries, etc. except for the case when Accountholder refuses. In this event, this Company will take into consideration the Accountholder’s request not to use specified information. In the event that this Company deems it necessary, this Company reserves the right to delete or modify portions of retained translated documents without the consent of the Accountholder. Documents are retained for as long as this Company is operational.
§14. Internet Connection
Users have to prepare a website connection with their own expense in order to use the Service. Company will not take any responsibility of the disadvantage(s) occurred when the internet access is not available.
§15. Temporary Suspension of the Service
Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused by the suspension of the Service. Company may suspend the Service temporarily without prior notice to User subject to the following reasons.
  • In the case of system maintenance, inspection, and/or repair
  • In the case of not being able to provide the Service due to fire, power failure or any other natural disaster
  • In the case of not being able to provide the Service due to administrative or technical problems
  • Any other case where Company decides to suspend the Service
§16. Jurisdiction Court
In case of dispute on the Service between Company and User or a third party, it shall be subject to the jurisdiction at the Tokyo District Court as a court case for a first instance TOS jurisdiction. This TOS shall be governed by the Law of Japan regardless of regulations in a conflict of laws. Company shall not be responsible for any damage which User may suffer due to Violating the Law of Japan or the damage which a third party may suffer, although usage of the Service is not considered as violation of the laws of Japan where User lives or violating the related international treaty.
§17. Translation of TOS
This TOS is based on the Japanese TOS version. If there is a disparity between the Japanese version and the English version, everything is determined from the Japanese version.
§18. Contact
Should you have any questions about the contents of this TOS, you can contact Company by the following e-mail address.
§19. Validity of this TOS
This TOS is effective February 9, 2013, and shall supersede previous TOSs, if any.
  • Enactment: February 9, 2013
  • Revision: April 10, 2013 (detail)
  • Revision: December 04, 2013 (detail)