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Dr. Benjamin D. Medoff: May we review the imaging
Dr. Gerald F. Abbott: A view of the left shoulder
from a chest radiograph obtained on the day of
the patient’s first admission to this hospital shows
a sharply defined, radiolucent lytic lesion in the
left scapula (Fig. 1A). A CT image from the PET–
CT study, performed 6 weeks earlier, shows a
sharply defined lytic lesion with a “punched-out”
appearance (Fig. 1B). A PET study showed intense
18F-FDG uptake in the lesion (Fig. 1C). An unenhanced
axial CT scan of the distal shaft of the
right femur, performed at the time of the CTguided
biopsy, shows a similar sharply defined
lucent defect in the cortex of the femur (Fig. 1D). A chest radiograph obtained on the patient’s first admission to this hospital shows subtle, fine
reticulonodular opacities in both lungs that appear
to spare the costophrenic sulci (Fig. 2A). An
axial image from the chest CT performed on the
second admission (Fig. 2B) shows small, irregular
pulmonary nodules that measure 2 to 3 mm in
diameter. Several nodules appear to be cavitated,
with small central areas of low attenuation, and
some appear centrilobular in distribution. Small
cysts of various sizes are also seen in both lungs.
The small nodules and cysts predominantly involve
the upper and middle zones of the lungs
and appear to spare the lung bases and costophrenic
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ベンジャミン D.メドフ博士:
ジェラルド F.アボット博士:
患者がこの病院へ入るのに承認された最初の日に、診察した胸部X線での左の肩の検診では、左の肩胛骨(図1A)に明確な放射線半透過性の溶解性病変を示しています。6週間前に行なわれたPET CT検査でのCTイメージは、「穿孔性」の外観(図1B)を伴った明確な溶解性病変が見られました。PET検査では病変(図1C)に極度の18F-FDG摂取があることを示していました。CT指針生検の時に行なわれた、右の大腿骨の末梢骨幹の軸方向にはアンエンハンスド・アクシャルCTスキャンでは、同様に大腿骨(図1D)の皮質の中に明確な半透明瑕疵が見られます。

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