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What elements of Shade do you typically do yourself, or rely in premade content
(for example, do you ever use premade models, premade shaders, etc, or do you do everything from scratch)?
Can you tell us about your use of image maps vs native shaders?

I do use downloaded image maps I have found, for things like wood.
I use Spotted a lot for random grunge, uneven walls and floors, specially if they are somewhat reflective.
I bought a couple of the packages of objects, which were well worth the price for revealing how they were modeled.
I did use a couple of distant houses in the work "Tragedy in Beige" since they are distant and out of focus.
sosa31 Translated by sosa31

物体を集めたパッケージもいくつか購入しましたが、モデルがどのようにできているかを知れたのでとてもよい買い物だったと思います。「Tragedy in Beige(ベージュの悲劇)」の中の遠く離れた家もいくつか使いました。離れていて焦点の合っていないものが必要でしたから。

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