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[Translation from English to Japanese ] ①Thank you very much for your interest in becoming our reseller! May I please...

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①Thank you very much for your interest in becoming our reseller! May I please have the URL of the website you're intending to sell our decks on? As well as the number of decks you're interested in purchasing?

②Hope you’re doing well.
Thank you for your interest in RDX Sports
We have received your wholesale inquiry to set up wholesale account, can you provide us more details about your business? Do you sell via amazon or do you have store?
If you sell through amazon, then please share the link of your store
What are the monthly sales you are projecting with RDX?
ka28310 Translated by ka28310
(1) 弊社の再販業者となって頂く件にご関心をお寄せ頂き有難うございます!弊社のデッキを販売するご予定である御社ウェブサイトのURLをお知らせ下さいますか?また、ご購入を予定頂いておりますデッキの数量についてもご教示くださいますか?


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I have been working in semiconductor system LSI design and verification business field for many years.
I will try my best to translate Japanese/En...

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