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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Now As for projectors ,We all talking about big screen, portable, and we have...

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Now As for projectors ,We all talking about big screen, portable, and we have been thinking about what kind of projector people in this era really need?

We believe that it represents the latest technology and has epoch-making significance. It is a product facing the future, not only owning its own system, but also supporting 5G signal transmission.

This is a very bold attempt, and it is also a design and development for you who are at the forefront of science and technology with our heart and sincerity. We want to share our ideas and accept your test on this platform. We need your support.
huihuimelon Translated by huihuimelon

これは非常に大胆な試みです。そして科学とテクノロジーの最先端にいるあなたのための、私たちの心からのデザイン&開発です。ぜひ私たちの商品をシェアし、このプラットフォーム上でのテストを受理して下さい。私たちは、あなたのサポートを 必要としています。

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