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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I have been busy till today since my moving. I think I can start work again n...

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今日、Mr. Zengにメールを送ってみました。

以前、Mr. Sakaというセラーに卸していたために混乱していた販売ラインを整理し、広告やタイムセールをかけやすい体制に来月から変更します。


sforde5 Translated by sforde5
After moving, I have been extremely busy up until today. I shall be able to return to working from tomorrow.
I attempted to message Mr. Zeng today.

Currently, we are battling hard for product A and have been thinking about a number of other strategies. This week, in order to get our product listed on Amazon again, I have been involved in a number of meetings with our wholesaler.
Previously, because we had been using the seller known as Mr. Saka, there were issues with the sales line, advertising and sales events. These will be updated and improved from next month.

By the way, I believe that Product A, which you placed into the last shipment, was nice.

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