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[Translation from Japanese to English ] As for current situation of making an order, I have more order from customer....

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まだ発注をもらっていないお客さんのフォローをお願いしてもいいですか。弊社の取り扱いブランドに慣れて頂いたら、彼の担当した客先を引き継ごうと思います。彼は靴の営業をしていたので、弊社がボリュームで発注できるブランドの新規のお客さんができる可能性があると思います。彼から引き継いだ時 担当者が変わるという事でした。すぐに変わるとお客さんが混乱すると思います。
sujiko Translated by sujiko
As for current situation of making an order, I have more order from customer. Therefore, may I ask a new staff of sales to do marketing for the customer he has been having and follow the customers from whom we have not receive d an order? After he is accustomed to the brand we are handling, we are going to take over the customers he has been handling. As he had been marketing the shoes, it is possible that we obtain new customers for the brand we can order by large volume.
I heard that a person who is in charge changes when he takes over. The customers will be confused if a person in charge changes immediately.

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