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[Translation from Japanese to English ] We regret to inform you of bad news while we have kept you waiting so long. ...

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1. 「小物入れタイプのフィギュア」でないので商品は不要(購入しない)

2. 在庫している「普通のフィギュア」でもいいので購入ご希望

shimauma Translated by shimauma
We regret to inform you of bad news while we have kept you waiting so long.

Although the item picture was uploaded with the description "Accessory case", I've just learned from the person in charge of listing items that the one we currently have in stock is "Standard figure" type.

We used to sell "Accessory case" type and the picture is most likely from that time.

We are trying our best to look for a "Accessory case" type, but so far, we haven't found one in good condition (almost new) as it was released about 15 years ago.
We are very sorry to disappoint you because of our insufficient product control while you have been looking forward to receiving the item.

Please kindly let us know how you would like to proceed.

1. You don't want the item as it is not a figure of "Accessory case" type. (you don't want to purchase it.)
(We will continue to look for "Accessory case" type. However, we can not guarantee it as it was released 15 years ago.)

2. You want to purchase the item in stock even though it is "Standard figure"
(As a token of our apology, we will offer the item for $95.)

Could you please tell us how you would like to proceed?

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