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Understand the various sentences exactly after the modern times, and raise the ability of expressing properly, and also deepen the ways of seeing things, feeling and thinking, by reading books willingly, trying to improve Japanese and educate the attitude for making a good life.
Understand that the globalization has the two opposite works of generalization and commonization or nationalization and individualization.
Although it is different from images like the TV news, consider what the power of photos is.
Make them realize that making use of their imaginations is important as the receiver of information or sender. Let them read and understand how the boy grows, whose grandfather died suddenly.
Let the boy himself introspect, and think about "life" by watching death which sure to come to everyone.
By referring to the work of Natsume Soseki, a great writer, raise the interesting in the Japanese literature and Japanese culture, and develop feelings, then cultivate more motivation for reading.
Grasp the human relationship of characters and situation, and understand how the feelings are expressed to activity.
Understand the speaking and behaving between K and "Me" and the change of the intention and feelings.
Referring to the former half of the novel, understand that a view of human of "Teacher" or a sense of life were created at the school days.
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想像力を働かせることが、情報の受け手としても、送り手としても重要であることに気づかせる。 突然の祖父の死を少年がどのように受けとめ成長していくかを読み取らせる

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