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An established Honolulu condo building that was built back in 1970, Kealani stands 15 stories high and is home to 53 total units. Condos for sale at Kealani Honolulu all have spacious two-bedroom floor plans, which tends to be a highly sought after property-type here on the Honolulu condo market. Kealani is located at 2533 Ala Wai Blvd, giving condo owners here tremendous views of the channel and surrounding mountainous landscape, not to mention great walkability that provides a close proximity to plenty of shopping and dining that’s located closer to the beachfront.

Living in Kealani Waikiki
Despite the building’s age, most condos at Kealani have since been updated since the building’s completion back in the early 70s, giving potential condo buyers plenty of opportunities at a a turn-key home.Building amenities here include a swimming pool and an on-site manager, but the real treat of living in the Kealani condo building is being able to walk to the beach. Not counting the lanai, which each unit includes, two-bedroom condos at Kealani feature 989 square feet, which should be more than enough living space for you to feel comfortable once calling this fabulous Waikiki building home. So for more information about condos at Kealani, condos in Waikiki, or to perhaps schedule a showing here at the building, give me a call today and let’s set something up at your earliest convenience!
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ホノルルにあるコンドミニアム、ケアラニは1970年に建設され15階建、計53戸を有します。ケアラニホノルルで販売されるすべてのコンドミニアムは、広々としたベッドルーム2部屋を含む間取りで、ホノルルのコンドミニアム市場でとても人気が高いものとなっております。ケアラニは、2533 アラワイ ブルバード に位置し、オーナーの皆様は、ここで水路と山並みに囲まれた素晴らしい景色を堪能していただけます。申し上げるまでもなく、徒歩にてショッピングやお食事を楽しめるところが近場にたくさんありますが、それらはビーチフロント寄りに位置しています。

ケアラニ ワイキキに住むということ

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