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EP developed a spring based on our own theory focusing on the effect of the Tremolo spring which supports the tension of the string on the sound. A spring is also an important factor which builds overtone structure of string vibration. So the sound changes by strengthen its base. We design it by tightening 4-5 strings on a guitar with average setting. Please adjust them according to your preference, You can use it together with other springs. We hope many guitarist experience the easiness of use as well as the emotion and the effect even tightening 5 springs just changing springs.
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EP focused on developing the tremolo spring supporting the string tension based on unique theory. Spring is also an important factor for constructing harmonic overtone structure of vibration. Increase the number of springs and sound will change by strengthening its foundation. 4 to 5 stretches are designed to put on the guitar of the average setting. Please adjust according to your preference. It can also be used with other springs. I wish that many guitarists will experience this surprise and feeling as how easily it is used even with 5 springs and how changeful that is with only springs.


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