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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I am working as a system engineer and manicurist. I had been selling the app...

atsuko-s Translated by atsuko-s
I am working as a system engineer and manicurist. I had been selling the apparel brand items at the store, and controlling the website and e-commerce while I was studying the information engineering at the college. I have been working as a manicurist since then. I got the qualification for the manicure of Japan and diploma for the manufacturer of foreign country as a hobby. After graduating from the college, I developed the system for a company and the service of the website for the restaurant focusing on beauty care. While developing the service of the beauty care, the salon owner, who was one of users, offered me to become a manicurist. I am busy for working the system development remotely with a various companies in local areas, so I am now closed for business as the manicurist.
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