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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I think that any suffering, any patience will be beneficial.in the future. W...

mariconyac Translated by mariconyac
I think that any suffering, any patience will be beneficial.in the future. When you feel that someone forces you to do something, it will be Hardship. Studying English at junior high school was Hardship.

But, now it is beneficial because I studied English hard. I often need a patience at work or relationship with people, but there are a lot of chances those people will help me later.

I can't grow up without H&S, and if you don't do anything, that will definately come back to you.
That is when I feel there is a god looking at me.
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ただし、あの頃一生懸命やったので今はbeneficialとなってます。 仕事でも人間関係で我慢することは多々ありますが、後々そういった人々に助けられることもたくさんあります


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