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Although the Shasta kit is very small, the vinyl is very pale so it takes a lot of layers of paint to achieve a good skin tone. Also finding clothes to fit Shasta is very difficult. On reflection, taking into account the amount of time needed to make a Shasta doll plus the difficulty with finding clothes to fit, I have decided not to make any more Shasta dolls - from a business point of view they are not profitable.

I am so sorry that I am not able to make you any more Shasta's and I hope you can understand that I have to spend my time wisely and only make dolls that I can make a good profit from.
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シャスタのキットはとても小さいですが、ビニールは非常に薄く、満足の行く良い肌の色調を出すには何層もの塗膜を重ねる必要があります。また、シャスタに合う服を見つけることが至難の業です。そこで再考の結果、シャスタの人形を製作するのに必要な時間と、シャスタに合う服を探す困難を考慮し、私はもうシャスタの人形を作成しないことに決めました。- ビジネスの観点から見ても、シャスタ人形から利益は得難いのです。


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