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Tough Chemical Protection and Unparalleled Comfort for Assemblers and Fabricators

Assemblers and fabricators across a wide range of industries come into
contact with cutting fluids, cooling liquids and other chemical substances
on a regular basis. They may not always wear traditional chemical gloves,
and instead go barehanded or use disposable gloves, when they perform
work requiring dexterity and tactile sensitivity – like when aligning,
screwing or bolting together small parts and pieces. This may put them at
risk of chemical exposure that can lead to long term health problems.

Common Assembly
• Connecting parts together with
nuts, bolts and screws
• Filling vehicles with fluids
• Inspecting machinery and
equipment for defects
• Producing engines and gear

Needs Addressed by
Microflex 93-260
• Confident chemical protection
against a wide range of harmful
• High level of dexterity and
tactility to handle small parts
• Textured fingertips deliver an
enhanced grip for precision in
conducting fine manual tasks
• Decreased risk of spills, accidents,
chemical exposure
• Increased safety
• Increased efficiency
Translated by ka28310

幅広い業界の組立工や職人は、切削液、冷却液などの化学物質と常に接触しています。 小さな部品を扱い、部品を並べ、ねじ止めやボルト締めを行うときのように、手技や手触りの感覚が重要となる作業を行うときは、従来の耐化学薬品用の手袋を着用せず、むしろ手作業で行ったり、もしくは使い捨て手袋を使用したりすることがあります。 このため、長期的に見て健康上の問題につながる化学物質にさらされ、被曝する可能性があります。


Microflex 93-260がニーズを満たす場面

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