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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Dear XXX Z9 from Amazon would like to thank you for your recent purchase. ...

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Dear XXX

Z9 from Amazon would like to thank you for your recent purchase.

Our record indicates that your order has been delivered. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the product you have purchased. Please let us know if there is any issues, questions or concerns. Our customer support team is standing by to assist you.

If you are satisfied with the product, please take a moment to submit a product review here, by clicking on the following link:

Thank You,

Customer Service Team
ka28310 Translated by ka28310
親愛なるXXX 様


弊社の記録によりますと、お客様のご注文の品は配達が完了いたしました。弊社といたしまして、お客様が購入頂きました製品にご満足頂けましたことを確認させて頂きたく存じます。もしお届けした商品に何らかの問題、ご質問、もしくは気になる点などございますでしょうか? 弊社カスタマー・サポートが喜んでお客様をサポートさせて頂きます。




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I have been working in semiconductor system LSI design and verification business field for many years.
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