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[Translation from Japanese to English ] ②A moving sunset cruise with a panoramic view of the city from the vast ocean...

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① Recommended for people who enjoy the night life! You can even catch a charter boat after 10pm. A new suggestion for the Tokyo night life.

You can own Tokyo bay, with it's deep and quite nights, and it's fun that you'll only get with a AAA cruise.
The arrangement of sound and light, will get you even more excited. ②A moving sunset cruise with a panoramic view of the city from the vast ocean.

The evening sun sinks into the ravines of the buildings of Tokyo. The scenery before your eyes is steeped in the setting sun, the period when the sky and the ocean join together. Looking up from below Rainbow Bridge, while you feel the pleasant breeze, just you yourselves can enjoy the sunset cruise.

Could you please specify your preferred time which suits the sunset.
The recommended sailing time is 30-45 minutes before the sunset.
③Tokyo river cruising, where you can enjoy the Nihonbashi River and Kanda River, with their history handed down from Edo, together with free-flowing champagne.

Setting sail from Nihonbashi, it's a relaxing course comfortably cruising the Kanda River.
Passing through Suidobashi, Ochanomizu, Akihabara, proceeding to the Sumida River, you can enjoy the good old "Edo" Tokyo scenery from the waterfront.

This route is recommended when you leisurely enjoy the dinner that is brought together. ④ Rent out all our boats for a really special birthday.

The scenery on the water is one that you cant experience and enjoy in everyday life. Everything is new and fresh. The wind feels great, the BGM will excite, and you can experience a truly special and unforgettable time. 4 or more people can use it, so it's perfect for even a small birthday party. ⑤A great adventure at the waterfront with your children! A chartered river cruise which parents and children can enjoy.

A waterfront adventure for children which enlivens your spirits!
Riding a pontoon boat with high stability, you can look at the wild birds and fish close-up which inhabit the rivers.

⑥Tokyo Bay activity cruising, on a compact cruiser on which you can enjoy a performance with impact.
Because it's a boat that is completely open-air with no roof, in the middle of the open space, you can enjoy cruising without having experienced it.
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① 夜はこれから!という方にオススメ!

音と光の演出で、より一層気分が盛り上がります。 ②広大な海から都心を望むパナラマビューで感動のサンセットクルーズ。



持ち寄ったお料理をゆっくり楽しむのであれば、こちらのルートがお勧めです。 ④船を丸ごと貸し切ってスペシャルなバースデーを演出してみませんか。




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