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"Thanks for your inquiry. We are out of stock of XS.

All available sizes and inventory we have in stock are listed in our ebay store and if the size or item you need is not there or greyed out, we are temporarily out of stock. Please use the drop down size fields (if multiple sizes are listed) to view all available sizes.

Please note:

We receive new shipments approximately every two weeks and we update our ebay store as well as our website with new arrivals almost daily. Please be aware that we are at the mercy of the US Government as to what they release every two weeks and, unfortunately, we cannot simply pick up the phone and place an order for specific items when we sell out. Please feel free to add us to your favorite sellers and keep checking back with us. Due to the large volume of orders we receive we cannot contact customers when new stock arrives.

We are the largest distributor of Genuine US Military Issue Surplus in the world and we offer our Genuine US Military Surplus at unbeatable prices on ebay. "
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弊社はGenuine US Military Issue Surplusの世界で最大の販売者であり、eBayにてGenuine US Military Surplus製品をほかでは真似のできない価格で提供しております。」

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