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hhanyu7 Translated by hhanyu7
I have purchased more than 300 T-shirts from you in the past at the retail price with valuing your company's history. Not many Kodachrome's stories have been picked as news materials on the Internet recently.

I am a kind of a person who can't stop loving Kodachrome.

However, I have become CEO of a company, being asked to make profits. Now I want to buy about 100 T-shirts from you with a significant discount (50-60% off). Would it be possible?

I will make my best effort to create a continued business relationship between you and us.
I await your positive reply.
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しかし法人の代表として、利益を求められる立場になりました。今回また100枚程度購入したいのですが、できるなら大幅な値引き(50-60% OFF)程度で、購入させては頂けませんか?


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