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[Translation from English to Japanese ] ①Can I put other people on vocal rest? ①´ you know it's a good tweet when you...

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①Can I put other people on vocal rest?
①´ you know it's a good tweet when you re-tweet your own damn self.
①It's #TBT and instead of a photo I'm going to take this opportunity to break the seal on RTing myself. Old tweets need love too.

②u know those straight dudes who think they're 'really good' at doing an impression of Heath Ledger's Joker
②´ what about gay dudes' "stitch" from lilo & stitch impersonations
②ok no offense but I'm like really good at it

③every time I see a couple fighting in public I stop to watch because I'm a drama vampire and I have the need to feed

④When you pretend not to care but on the inside you're slaughtered by demons, hurting and begging for help, looking for a way out, crying bec
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