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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Hello :) everything is fine ? :) I chat with a friend Yuzo Koshiro , I do not...

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Hello :) everything is fine ? :)
I chat with a friend Yuzo Koshiro , I do not know how to succeed to make him listen to my remix :( street of rage. It will be hard in my opinion but I hope some of that I am friend with a friend . You think it is impossible?
shimauma Translated by shimauma
友達のYuzo Koshiroとチャットしています。どのようにしたら、彼が私のリミックスStreet of rageを聴いてくれるのかわかりません。難しいとは思いますが、友達の友達なので多少の望みはあるかと思います。不可能だとお考えですか?

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