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I'm a secretary at
I have spoken with one of your operators on Mar 24th in regards to a wholesale purchase.
I am writing on behalf of my client; Ms. ○.

Ms. ○., would like to know if your company would be interested in selling items at wholesale price. Your items are gaining popularity in Japan. She runs business online and interested in selling your items in her shop and looking forward to start purchasing as a lot constantly from you. She is seeking for a VIP price (if there is any). Is there any discount?

She would like to know more in detail on wholesale contract if you are interested.
*Quantity requirement, how much of discount she can get, etc.

(Ms. Oya) It is included in CC too.
3_yumie7 Translated by 3_yumie7
私は yourclary.comの秘書をしている者です。




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