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[Translation from English to Japanese ] ①why does naomi have to mean everything to me ② How new Christians are the S...

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①why does naomi have to mean everything to me

② How new Christians are the Sunday they get saved at church! 😂

③You know when you post something you think is really funny & 8 minutes later it only has 3 likes & you have to reevaluate your self-worth?

④Love how he answers immediately and like with all attention and preoccupation

⑤max from catfish is so gorgeous and he seems nice I'm bitter he is married

⑥awe he was about to use his phone but it down right when naomi said "mike?" he stopped what he was doing for naomi much adorableness much they

⑦Revenge is a dish best served on a treadmill

⑧Laugh often. Live for you. Never let others drag you down. Don't listen to the voice in your head. You're worth it.
takuma98104 Translated by takuma98104
③あなたが、あなたが本当に面白いと思うものを掲示する& そして8分後、お気に入りの表示が3個しかない& 自尊心を再評価する必要がある

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