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Greener pastures?

Japan’s society is aging rapidly, and the economy is experiencing a downturn. Could it be that Japanese investors are turning to Indonesia simply because they are running out of options at home?

Steven argued that no, demographics were not the only thing. “In Japan there’s still a lot to be done. It’s a huge market, not only in online, but also offline businesses. In Japan, opportunities are more in replacing existing services, whereas in Indonesia there is still wide open space. No need to go for the niche. Indonesia has big problems, it’s now about solving the fundamentals, like clothing, payments, and logistics.”
Steven added that some of his LPs invested in emerging markets like Indonesia not purely for financial returns. “They look into the future. It’s about getting your foot into the next expansion,” he explained.

Still, the ageing society could be a affecting the Japanese psyche. “Japanese people may believe, given their own experience, that demographics plays a large role in destiny,” Teddy suggested. That would lead them to seek opportunities elsewhere. “Of course entrepreneurs come down here to start companies, and money goes out of Japan and into growth markets. That’s economics.”
In the end, it’s a mix of demographics, economic opportunities, and an interest in shaping the future that drives Japanese investment in high-growth markets like Indonesia. Do you see other explanations not mentioned by the VCs?
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