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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Regarding leather selection How many different leathers do you know about? ...

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Regarding leather selection
How many different leathers do you know about?

There is no end to the kinds of real leather that uses animal skin, such as cowhide types from meaty and strong grown cows, 6 month to 2 year old middle age cows (kips), and about 6 month old small cows (calfs). Other than cowhide, there is also goat leather, sheep leather, lamb leather, swine leather (pig skin), alligator skin, snake skin, and ostrich skin.
There are also various ways that it is manufactured, so this time in the case of silver (continued) embossed silver foil, coloured in by paints and the expression of the shade of silver are available from one with quite shiny to one with matte effected.

Furthermore, in addition to this leather, there is an option for synthetic leather. Nowadays by the development of technology, synthetic leather becomes so as to obtain the most thin silk of the tenth of the thickness of the ultra-fine fibers with natural materials and imitates the fiber structure of natural leather; it has become similar quality of natural leather.

What kind of materials can express the moon the most beautifully?
We have been continuously dealing with that trial and error.
It would be appriciated your feedback.
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加工方法もさまざまで、今回のような銀色の場合、(次に続く) (途中から)銀箔を型押ししたものや顔料で着色したもの、その銀色もラメ感が強いものからマットな色まで実に様々な表現が可能となっています。



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