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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Changes in body weight and plasma biochemical parameters with AsA deficiency ...

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Changes in body weight and plasma biochemical
parameters with AsA deficiency are shown in Table 1. On
switching to drinking water without AsA, a marked
decrease in plasma AsA was observed, and the AsA concentration was below 1 nmol/ml in the -AsA group.
Although there was no significant difference in plasma
ALP activity between the control and the -AsA groups
at 2 weeks, a decrease in ALP activity was observed in the
-AsA group at 3 weeks . The mean body weight was not
altered by AsA deficiency for 2 or 3 weeks, whereas the
body weight in the -AsA group at 4 or 5 weeks was significantly less than that in the control group. There were
no significant differences in the other biochemical
parameters of the plasma between the control and - A
The chemical characteristics of bone are shown in
Table 2. In the -A group at 3 weeks, the dry weight,
ash weight, calcium and phosphorus contents of
the tibiae
were significantly reduced relative to those of
the controls.
These changes in bone were not observed in the
-A group at 2 weeks . Ash contents per dry weight and
the Ca/P ratio of the tibiae showed
no significant differences
between the control and -A groups at 2 or 3
weeks. Thus, A deficiency for 3 weeks
caused decreases
in the bone mass without changing the
ash content per dry
weight or Ca/P ratio of the bone
hydroxyapatite in ODS
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体重と血漿の生化学的パラメータの、AsA欠乏による変化を表1に示す。AsAを含まない水を飲むように切り替えた際に、血漿AsAに目立った減少が見られ、AsA濃度は-AsAグループで 1 nmol/ml 未満だった。血漿ALP活動については、コントロールグループと-AsAグループで、2週間目の時点で大きな違いはないにもかかわらず、-AsAグループでは3週間目にALP活動の減少が観察された。平均体重は2週間・3週間後ともに、AsA欠乏による変化はなかった一方、-AsAグループの4、5週間目の体重はコントロールグループのそれに比べて顕著に少なかった。 他の生化学的パラメータは、コントロールグループと-アスコルビン酸 グループの間に、大きな違いはなかった。

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