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[Translation from Japanese to English ] This is Hodosan Shrine in Nagatoro City, Saitama Prefecture. It is appear to...

natalia_32 Translated by natalia_32
This is Hodosan Shrine in Nagatoro City, Saitama Prefecture.
It is appear to be very colorful and beautiful building.
According to Sha-den, it has been told that it was built before 1900.

In 111 year, during conquestions of Emperor Yamato Takeru mikoto was being attacked by a ferocious wildfire along the way, so that could not be able to escape.
However, two dogs suddenly appeared, jumped into inferno and put out the fire, then guided to the head of mountain and disappeared after that. Mikoto believed this dogs to be a messengers of God, so this mountain named "Hodoyama" (meaning mountain that stopped the fire) and God worship was began
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