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[Translation from English to Chinese (Simplified) ] In November 2000, Koda debuted with "TAKE BACK" in the U.S. It was reached #...

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In November 2000, Koda debuted with "TAKE BACK" in the U.S.

It was reached #18 on the U.S. billboard charts and in the following month, she debuted in Japan.
The remix ver. of her second single, "Trust Your Love", was reached #19 on the U.S. billboard all-genre music charts and she became the 7th Japanese singer to be ranked in the criteria. Following her second single, she released "real Emotion", "LOVE&HONEY", "Butterfly", "Koi No Tsubomi", "Yume No Uta" and so on. Koda also accomplished "12 Singles Project" in which for twelve consecutive weeks, she released one single per week that was historic first. In 2005 and 2006, Best Albums were released and each album sold more than 2 million copies! Her concert which was held at TOKYO DOME in December, 2000 became a great success.

In March 2009, Koda released a single, collaboration with her younger sister Misono, debuted atop the Oricon, making the sisters the first siblings to have a single top the chart in its initial week. In October 2009, Koda held her fist oversea solo live concert in Taiwan.

Year 2010 is her 10th anniversary year. Koda was going to release a new best album collecting all the singles; however she wished that she could still evolve and grow bigger as a singer. With her strong wish, Koda challenged releasing "BEST〜 third universe〜 & 8th AL "UNIVERSE", a new original and a best album packaged together, which was charted #1 on Oricon weekly charts.

By April, 2010, Koda has released 10 DVDs, 8 original albums, 4 best albums, and 46 single CDs.

Not only Koda maintains energetic activities as a singer, but she also challenges different kinds of works; she has released a photo book, "MAROC", and a photo essay "KODA-SHIKI". Koda has been winning awards for being a new trendsetter in Japan, including the "Best Jeanist Award" every year from 2006 till 2009 and the title of "Nail Queen" for her nail art by Japan Nail Expo for 3 years continuously and awarded the Hall of Fame in 2008.
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在2000年9月,幸田来未在美国发表首次单曲"TAKE BACK"。
她的第二首混音单曲"Trust Your Love"则在美国全球告示牌音乐排行榜上排名19。
在第二张单曲之後,她连续12个月发行了"real Emotion", "LOVE&HONEY", "Butterfly", "恋爱花蕾", "悲梦之歌" 等单曲。成为了有史以来第一位每周都发行单曲的歌手。
幸田来未有着强烈企图心,为了挑战自己,她发行了"BEST〜 third universe〜 & 8th AL "UNIVERSE",
除了以歌手的身分活耀外,她也试着挑战不同的领域,之後发表了写真集"MAROC" 和图文集 "KODA-SHIKI"

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