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In the pre-war Japan, electrical appliances were mostly irons and radios. Penetrations of vacuum cleaners and refrigerators, which help ease household labors, were very low, especially in comparison to overseas countries. Also automobile ownership was extreamly rare, and even in 1940's it only reached 0.07% of the population. The thermal demand in the urban regions were from 40% to 70% of the heaters, 15% to 35% of cooking, 15% to 30% of heating up the water in the bath tabs. According to a study by Yamaguchi Prefectural Agriculture Laboratory, the same in the rurals were 33%, 12%, and 55%, respectively. Trees used for the firewood and charcole were broad-leaf ones among quercus, oak and castanopsis as those were superior in producing heats and with higher burning rates.

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