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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I'll make the payment as promised. You listed 10 items on eBay until this Sun...

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premiumdotz Translated by premiumdotz
I will be paying you as I have promised. You have displayed 10 items on Ebay until this week's Sunday. In the contract, you would get $50 dollars if you display 100 items on Ebay. That's why, you will be getting the 10% of it, which is $5.

In addition one of the items you have displayed was sold, so I will pay you a $1 bonus. This is my idea on giving you a bonus.

I'm planning on giving you bonus points if you have found a lot of items and display them on Ebay and if you make a page where I can sell the displays as what I have instructed.

I'm really grateful that you have noticed the things that I have pointed out.

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