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[Translation from English to Japanese ] I have boxed reels for sale and I can send you pictures of boxes and reels or...

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I have boxed reels for sale and I can send you pictures of boxes and reels or list them on ebay and you can have a go at bidding.
I have 505 in box smooth paint finish £100 plus postage, pictures I can send to you if you wish, nice reel spanner oil bottle and casting weight + paperwork
Look forward to your reply.
The 5 oak stands will be here on Friday so over the weekend I can polish them for you, The cost of the stands will be £37.50 plus postage, I need to weigh the box to work out the cost of shipping so dont worry about sending any money yet, I will get back to you when I know the total price.
oier9 Translated by oier9

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