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[Translation from Japanese to English ] My e-mail account kotaka is the name which I want to give to my future kid:)...

takapitan Translated by takapitan
My email account kotaka is a name I'd like to give to my child in the future.
It's a bit embarrassing for me to send you a picture of my face, but here it is. hehe
I haven't used Skype. I think we will not be able to understand each other when we make a video call by Skype, Ben. hehe
I don't speak either English or German, so it's gonna be all body language. haha
You will be able to speak Japanese soon if you study it because you are still young, Ben.

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Skypeはは使ったことがないんだ。 Ben君とSkypeでテレビ電話したら会話が成り立たないだろうね(笑

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