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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I have just said Goodbye to them. As the landowners, they say that they can ...

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We parted from them all earlier. As a side of land owner, they are claiming that they can sell their property only under conditions as we have talked about already.
They also say it's not acceptable for them to postpone bargain deposit after capital increasing in their business custom. Moreover, according to them they can not accept to change their request for procedure at next day of the contract for us. But they are allowing receipt of payment to be done even on next day. Although an matter of this part is as we already proposed to Mr.DI on Saturday, and I for my part asked him to think over Taiwanese situation, he told me he requires of us to obey the proposed conditions Also,I explained them about Taiwan side's credibility and finance condition,but for our offer that we want to progress this project at all cost,they recognize the term that Japanese side presented on Friday they already made it as almost fit our request.For about deposit, Japanese attorney who well-versed in land and privilege transactions should know if the case of breach land owner side can request you large penalty . At the moment, the landowners dare not employ the lawyer, and they say they don't care if we give them the document made by our lawyer.
I will tell you about the proceedings until now as they are, for I want you to know exactly how things went. (I guess there is difference between the customs of Japanese estate agents and Taiwanese ones. Also, the custom of deposit money and the way of making the contract to protect the land ownership by law in Japan are different from those in Taiwan, since in Japan, the party and the bond lawyer ask the customer to set the seal on the contract. The point is how you work through these differences. In my opinion, both Maeda and Yamamoto have definitely surrendered to the difference of the idea on this part from Japanese business customs. Although,on the other hand, it can be considered that they are performing the own bargain of Japan, they seem not to try to bargain with us at the 11th hour. Concerning this contradiction, there is a potential to happen on transactions of lands in future.
We are also loosing a way to solve it.

That's all of my reports. Thank you for reading.
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