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The reason why I became a translator at Conyac was simple. Registering as a translator was easy, and as soon as I have done some settings, I could start translating and actually earning some money. No test is required as translators get verified by their actual translation projects. This process is not only quick, but also fun, as it's much more pleasurable translating real documents then filling out a test sheet.

It depends on the language and amount of characters in the request, but by translating one translation request that usually has around 150 words, you can earn around 50 points. 50 points is equivalent to $0.5 USD, therefore by translating around 10 short translation requests gives you $5 USD. It isn't as much as you would earn working full time for a translation agency, but it’s a great opportunity to translate text that is needed by other people and improve translation skills at the same time.

If you are very skilled, you are entitled to translate better paid Premium and Business requests. They require higher standard than general requests, therefore I feel the responsibility of the work I am doing and I'm proud of every point that I earn. At the end of the day, I have done a good job and I am happy I have earned enough money to purchase myself a reward for my effort.

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Translated by crowley44
当然比起全职就职于翻译公司来说,收益肯定相对较少但这种翻译方式不但可以帮助有翻译需求的人也同时帮助自身提高翻译技能。如果您的翻译技巧非常熟练还能获取翻译奖励较优惠的高级或属商务翻译需求的翻译资格。这类翻译要求的性质需要更高级的翻译水准。也因此我可以从中感觉到这份工作的责任感也同时为我赚取的每一点积分而感到自豪。 最终,我很开心能通过我的优越翻译工作赚取足够的钱来买份礼物奖励自己所付出的努力。若您通晓更多的语言并希望轻松赚取一些钱,今天起便在Conyac网上注册为翻译员,开始崭新的工作。

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Translation Language
English → Chinese (Simplified)
Translation Fee
Translation Time
about 3 hours
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