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Privacy Policy

anydooR Inc. (hereinafter called “Company”), in order to protect User’s personal information who uses Conyac (hereinafter referred to as “Service”.) offered by the Company, shall observe the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and regulations/ guidelines, and handles the personal information as follows:
Article 1 (Definition of User’s Personal Information)
In this policy, the personal information shall mean the personal information defined under Clause 1, Article 2 of the Personal Information protection Law, namely the information related to a living individual, and information that could identify a certain individual such as name, date of birth, and other descriptions included in the relevant information (including such that can be easily verified with other information, and by which a certain individual can be identifiable).
Article 2 (Purpose of Use of User’s Personal information in The Service)
The Company shall not use a customer’s personal information, which has been obtained from the use of the Service, beyond the range of the purpose of use without his/her consent. The Company applies appropriate measures for the obtained personal information within the range of the following purposes:
  • (1) User’s identity verification
  • (2) Provision of the Service
  • (3) Billing of the usage fee, delinquency charges, etc.
  • (4) Various contacts related to the Service usage
  • (5) Validity confirmation of customer’s bank account number, credit card, etc. with regard to payments.
  • (6) Sales management
  • (7) Customization of the Service information and advertisement distribution along with a customer’s age, occupation, gender, hobby, etc.
  • (8) Quality enhancement and improvement of the Service
  • (9) Notification of the Service’s suspension, cancellation, and cancellation of contract
  • (10) Measures for violation against the Service’s terms of service and prevention of the relevant violations.
  • (11) The Service related notification such as the Company’s agreement, policy, etc.
  • (12) To correspond with all the dispute or litigation.
  • (13) Response to the Service related guidance, inquiries, etc.
  • (14) Temporary backup due to the Service delivery
  • (15) To send e-mails or direct mails about special information for the User.
  • (16) To investigate about the Service popularity and its usage environment for the purpose of making a statistical data to improve the Service.
  • (17) To carry out the purposes related to business set forth in the preceding items.
Article 3(Change of Purpose of Use)
Company may modify the purpose of use in the preceding article within the reasonably acceptable range where it has the corresponding relevance to the purpose of use prior to change, and when such change is made, it will be notified to users or disclosed according to the Company’s procedure specified separately.
Article 4 (Collection of Personal Information)
  1. As User registers via the process, the Company can possess and access that User's personal information until the User resigns its membership.
  2. In the event where personal information is obtained from means other than users’ use of the Service, Company shall notify or disclose its purpose of use in advance according to the Company’s procedure specified separately.
Article 5 (Security Management)
  1. In order to prevent users information disclosure, loss, or damage, and protection of other users information, Company has taken necessary and appropriate measures for users information security management such as implementing the limited access to the personal information file, with a limited number of access right holders at minimum, recording access logs, introducing a security software for preventing the illegal access of outsiders, etc. In the case of entrustment to a third party of handling all or a part of personal information, Company shall enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement, etc. based on the Policy with said third party, and shall conduct necessary and appropriate supervision in order to implement a safety management of personal information at the end of said third party.
Article 6 (Handling of E-mail Address)
  1. Regarding users’ e-mail address obtained through the Service, in order to prevent them from being lost, stolen, destroyed, manipulated, leaked or illegally accessed externally, Company shall take all possible measures for its protection.
  2. In order to protect users’ e-mail addresses, Company takes measure by authorizing only a limited number of right holders among the employees are allowed to access to them.
  3. As far as notification that requires to reach users such as “Important Notice”, Company sends it to the entirety of users.
Article 7 (Use of Cookies and Other Technologies)
  1. In the website of the Service, there are pages that contain a technology called “Cookie” and similar technologies to it.
  2. Cookie is the identifying data of individual Users, which is transmitted from the server (HTTP) used for the website delivery to the user’s browser. By using Cookie, a user’s information can be recorded on his/her computer hard disk, etc.
  3. In this website, Cookie is used over the respective user’s userpage login and over the sites in order to collect information such as the overall trends and patterns. The collected information is used for this website analyzing the access trend and providing better services.
  4. Cookie is able to identify the same browser, but cannot identify an individual user.
  5. Also, depending on the browser, Cookie function can be disabled by changing the setting, however as a result, all or a part of the services on the webpage may become unavailable.
Article 8 (External Services/ Links)
Company may provide the Service in cooperation with external services (hereinafter called “External Services”) such as Line, Facebook, etc. When users wish to use the Service in cooperation with External Services, Company may provide personal information to the said External Services providers.
Article 9 (Disclosure/ Sharing of Personal Information)
  1. With regard to personal information among user information, Company shall not disclose or share it with a third party except for a case where the disclosure is authorized by the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations, or unless otherwise approved by users. However, by way of exception, the Company may disclose the information in the following case:
    • (1) When all or a part of the personal information is entrusted to a third party within a range required for attaining Company’s purpose of service.
    • (2) When personal information of the Service users is escrowed to payment system companies, credit companies, and banks, for the purpose of billing users the usage fee.
    • (3) Cases in which personal information is provided as a result of the succession of business in a merger or otherwise.
    • (4) When Company is officially requested to disclose information by statute from court, police or any other public institutions with the equivalent authority.
    • (5) For the purpose of providing the statistical information, when individual personal information is accumulated or analyzed, processed into a form to make the data unidentifiable of a certain individual, and disclose the statistic data.
Article 10 (Disclosure/ Modification of Personal Information)
  1. When the user him/herself wishes in a written statement to disclose, modify, add, or delete the personal information s/he has provided, please send a request via postal mail by enclosing the copy of identity confirmation (in the case of request by a representative, please send the proof of appropriate representative) with the application form. In the case of written request of disclosure or request of notification of the purpose of use, we ask you to enclose postage of JPY 410, the same amount for the handling fee per request (tax inclusive; the actual cost of recorded delivery of a written response.)
  2. In the case of request based on the preceding article, when the requester’s identity is confirmed, Company shall disclose personal information within a reasonable range. Provided, however, that, this shall not apply in the case where Company is not otherwise responsible for the disclosure under the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulation.
Article 11 (Contact Information)
Should you have any questions, comments, complaints, or other matters related to personal information, please contact us as follows:
anydooR Inc.
(Our hours of reception are on weekdays between 10:00 and 17:00.)
Article 12 (Organization/ Structure)
  1. Having assigned Tohru Hashimoto, the director as the person in charge of personal information management, Company shall conduct appropriate management and continuous improvement of personal information.
  2. The Company abides the related act on personal information protection, the act by the Japanese Ministry of Internal affairs and Communications, etc. The Company conducts with the continual improvement of the personal information protection management system.
Article 13 (Exemption from Responsibility)
Company shall not be responsible for any of the following:
  1. When personal information is disclosed by the user him/herself to a third party through the function of the Service or other means.
  2. When a situation has come to the condition that can identify an individual by the information and the like that are entered by users over the Service.
Article 14 (Privacy Policy Modifications)
Company shall revise personal information handling related delivery status as appropriate, strive to improve on a constant basis, and may modify the Policy as needed without users’ agreement. With regard to the Policy after modification, except for the case stated by Company on a separate note, will become effective immediately after public announcement on Company’s website. However, upon conducting contents modification that may require users’ agreement, the Company shall gain users’ agreement according to Company’s procedure.
Article 15 (Other Notice)
Company’s Service may contain link to the External Services other than those Company administers. And Company shall not be responsible any of the contents at these External Services or personal information protection.
  • Established on February 09, 2013 (detail)
  • Revised on February 04, 2015

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