The Privacy Policy was revised on November 30, 2021. New Privacy Policy is here.

Privacy Policy

§1. User's personal information
All of the personal information Users entered will only be used by the Service for the following Services.
  1. To send e-mails or direct mails about special information for the User.
  2. To correspond with all the dispute or litigation.
  3. To investigate about the Service popularity and its usage for the purpose of making a statistical data to improve the Service.
  4. In the case of identity verification for the User support.
  5. To enrich the service contents.
§2. Collection of Information
  1. As User register via the process, the Company can possess and access that User's personal information until the User resigns its membership.
  2. All the personal information that User provides to the Service will be entered by the User on the account registration page or collected from User's Twitter, Facebook, or Google account when User connect these account with Conyac system, or personal information entered by User or ID file (government issued ID with/without picture) uploaded by User for personal identification. As using this page, User's IP address, Cookie information, and archival record and all that information will automatically be sent by the User's web browser to our server. Furthermore, the company has no concern with the treatment of the credit card information and other information that the User enters at the time of purchasing the credits for the request of translation. That information is managed by Payapl ( under its privacy policy.
  3. Though websites linked from the advertisement on the service, translation requests, or translation results may ask the Users enter their personal information or automatically collects their information, this privacy policy will not be applicable for those conducts on those websites.
§3. Disclosure of Personal information
As a general situation, the Company does not disclose the personal information provided by the User. However, by way of exception, the Company may disclose the information in the following case;
  1. When Company is officially requested to disclose information by statute from court, police or any other public institutions with the equivalent authority.
  2. When Company recognizes the urgent necessity because of imminent danger to human life, body, property, or other rights and benefits.
  3. When Company recognizes it necessary to protect the right, property, or services of Company, User, and other third parties.
  4. When Company recognizes it necessary to disclose or share information in order to provide the service the User requests.
  5. When information is required by a contractor within the necessary scope to attain the purpose of services.
  6. When information is modified, or deleted from the service.
§4. Rigid management system
  1. The Company applies appropriate measures for the protection of information transmitted to the site.
  2. All the information entered to the Service will be deleted in accordance with the resignation of the account.
  3. The Company takes a preventive action to the lost, theft, breakage, defacing, reveal, or unauthorized access from the outside and it takes corrective action to the trouble in the worst case.
§5. Correction of Personal Information
When User makes a request to correct or delete the content(s) regarding the inaccuracy in his or her personal information, Company will take proper action without delay within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use, except for cases in which special procedures are required by other provisions in the related law.
§6. Cookies and IP Address Information
Company does not regard cookies and IP addresses as personal information since they, by themselves, cannot be used to disclose the individual identity of any User. However, only in cases where they are used with personal data, they will be regarded as personal information. In regard to cookie information, User may refuse to receive a cookie by changing the setting of a web browser. User is required to bear in mind, though, that if User deletes cookies, he/she may not be able to use some of the Service such as request of translations or translate the request.
§7. Security
It is a User's responsibility to handle and protect their account password. In order to use the Service, Users have to be careful with the theft of the password by the third party. Users must not inform their password to the third party (including family and friends).Moreover, the Company cannot guarantee the protection of the information at the time of transmission.We recommend Users to shut down their browser after the sign-out from the Service. The company is not responsible for the information leakage without following these steps especially in the place where Users share the computer with the third party (ex: company, school, library, internet-caf? etc).
§8. Law Observation
The Company abides the act by the Japanese Ministry of Internal affairs and Communications ( The Company conducts with the continual improvement of the personal information protection management system.
§9. Privacy Policy Modifications
Company may modify all or part of the Privacy Policy. In the event of significant changes to the Privacy Policy, it will be notified via this website. The Company can modify this privacy policy without notification to the User in advance.
§10. Translation of Privacy Poilcy
This Privacy Poicy is based on Japanese version of Privacy Policy. If there is a disparity between Japanese version and English version, everything go along with Japanese version.
§11. Contacts
Should you have any questions about personal information, you can contact us by the following e-mail address.
§12. Modification history
February 9, 2013