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2nd Phrase Corpus Creation for a Voice Recognition System *Only skill needed is English!

Required Translator Languages
500 yen–10K yen
Application Deadline
4 months ago
This project is a request for native English speakers to create English phrases according to a given situation.

The corpus of phrases created in this project will then be implemented into a voice recognition system,
which will allow us to improve and expand the quality of it.

Having stated the premise, the paragraph below is an example of a question.

"What would you say to the voice assistant when you want to know the weather?
Give two or more examples."
1. Tell the weather for today?
2. What's the weather like today?

For this 2nd round, we are looking to put together a project with 40 members.

Please apply to the project for more details.

#Due Date (*Schedule under adjustment)
18th of March, 2019

1 excel file containing 200 questions

3,000JPY per user
Completion Deadline
18 Mar 2019 at 18:00
Result Format
Payment time
Immediately after verification

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